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In God We Trust - A Novel of American Politics

A chronicle of our times, In God We Trust is the story of Dante Jefferson Washington, a young, black, religious conservative seeking to make his mark on the Washington D.C. political stage. As Deputy Chief of Staff to South Carolina Senator Winston J. Sinclair, his lofty ambitions for public service soon become entangled in the web of partisan tribal conflict, religion, backroom conspiracies, and money that defines our national political dysfunction. Dante's journey echoes that of his Italian namesake in The Divine Comedy.

Dante, a social misfit because of his race and political ideals, pursues his Beatrice in a former college classmate, a beautiful immigrant medical student caught between her British Christian and Pakistani Muslim heritage. Their lives and those of their two closest friends are torn apart by the disaster of 9/​11 and the war that follows.

Published November 1, 2013.

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